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The rapid development of high-end furniture industry China had become the largest producer of furniture

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With economic development, China has become one of the world's largest producer of furniture. Countries have achieved unprecedented industry development, especially since the 1990s, the furniture industry to create a sustained and rapid development of the miracle. In 1983, more than 3,400 Chinese furniture enterprises only, employing 36 million people, furniture output value of 2.2 billion yuan. After 30 years of development by leaps and bounds, until 2013, only China has more than 60,000 furniture companies, employing over a hundred million people, furniture output of about 330 billion yuan.

Industry analysts pointed out that China's furniture industry, mainly in high-end furniture industry is facing rapid development.

First, people's income and living standards improved. With the accelerated pace of reform and opening up and enliven people's material and cultural living standards continue to improve and interior decoration industry is developing rapidly, people on the furniture style, grade, quality, at the request of the living environment, living and working conditions of the importance of space in continuously improve and strengthen demand for high-end products will show a rising trend.

Monthly household income of more than 5,000 high-income class, their furniture spending 300 yuan / year or so, the required furniture, exquisite taste, the main choice of imported and domestic high-end furniture; middle-income accounted for about 70% of the urban population, the per capita Furniture annual consumption amounted to 150 yuan left stone, consumer preference for mid-range solid wood furniture.

Secondly, the rapid development of tertiary industry and real estate. Since the development of the tertiary industry and the rise of the real estate industry, the annual domestic tens of millions square meters of office buildings and public buildings completed, require a number of different categories of furniture, especially office furniture. The same time as the rise of modern office way past the old office furniture has entered the replacement period. Therefore, the high-end office furniture in the next few years will increase dramatically, parlor series, conference series, office series, three series of products promising sales potential. It is predicted that in the near term of office furniture sales will rise to accounting for 25-30% of total sales of furniture. New factories, office buildings, hotels, schools and shopping malls, and other furniture, consumer group size of about 300 billion yuan annually.

Again, children's furniture consumption is rising gradually. China's existing 200 million children around, as the housing conditions of urban residents continue to improve, furniture, children's furniture has become one of the hot consumer market. Today, many urban households have a child in their own home, most parents want for their children to buy cheap bed, desk and bookcases and other mid-range children's furniture. According to incomplete statistics, furniture, children's furniture sales total sales accounted for 18% of children furniture, per capita spending of about $ 60. Thus, for age 3 to sixteen different ages and height of children's furniture children will have a broad market.

According to relevant survey, China's furniture market, a wide variety of middle and low furniture, situation of oversupply, and high-end furniture still can not meet the market demand. Domestic production of high-grade furniture, lack of capacity, from the processing means, technical skills as well as the supply of raw materials can not meet the conditions for producing high-grade furniture, domestic sales of high-end furniture, many of them are imported. Current high-end furniture production is growing, the poor quality of low-end products out of the market.