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Analysis furniture brand second tier panic waves redevelop

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As we all know, Shenyang, Northeast China as an important first-tier cities, has always been a major furniture brands compete for land. At present, Shenyang has a total area of ​​furniture stores more than one million square meters, a serious surplus, hundreds of brands of furniture here snatch "cake", and fierce competition. These brands both brands, there are two, three line brand, and even no-name. The survival status of these brands? Which brands occupy a larger market share? Recently, I made some investigation on this.
Brands panic
Meikailong Shenyang West stores, Hunnan stores, Dadong shop, actually home Shenyang Huanggu stores, Hunnan shop, home and other medium and large home stores Lights, Kuka, Cheers, federal, or so, song America, Red Apple, Dynasty, Olins and other frontline furniture brand, set up camp for many years, with a strong brand influence, has won many fans.
These brands furniture, although sales and less than ideal, but the price is bullish not bearish, business attitude is also more stable. The author in-depth investigation that, in these first-line brands, manufacturers Direct Sogou, a factory strength of strong support; dealer agents, generally after years of market tests, has accumulated a wealth of experience, not in disarray, indeed panic.

Second-tier brands waves redevelop
If we say that the development of brands in a steady state, then the second-tier brands, along with the market to pick up again Hing waves.

Shenyang is the Chinese wood furniture industry base area, Acer, Shu Liya, Weyerhaeuser, new art, dream treasure, Zi Qiao, Qi Lin, big bang furniture and other civilian solid wood furniture brand, and Sichuan, Hebei, Tianjin, Guangdong and other places furniture brand, constitutes a second-line furniture brand Shenyang phalanx.

Market research showed that second-line furniture brand Shenyang currently occupies eighty percent of the market share. Furniture second-tier brands of consumer groups are civil servants, teachers, doctors, retired cadres, white-collar workers, high-paying blue-collar, individual practitioners and so on. This part of the consumer psychology is: not expensive, just choose right. As these consumers actively buy, Shenyang second-line furniture brand has also ushered in waves of resurgence at the moment.

A home store in Shenyang West Sogou, a native of Shenyang solid wood furniture brands accounted for sales of the top three "second place" position. The brand responsible person said happily: "In addition to × × (Chinese brand), that is me!" In Shenyang Hunnan a large home stores, from Tianjin, a second-tier brands of solid wood furniture living selling "second place" of the place, "champion. "is the mahogany furniture. The brand manager, said: "In the wood furniture, the place was not able to sell over us."

Shenyang home industry believes that the second-tier brands of furniture resurgence waves are normal market phenomenon, also in line with consumer law, after all, only a small number of high-end consumers, the majority of working-class furniture by purchasing a second-tier brands will be able to improve the quality of life and quality.

Second-tier brands to win market

Although the second-tier furniture brands occupy a larger market share, but due to the large number of competition is also an indisputable fact. So, how to win the market, second-line furniture brand, to become entrepreneurs should seriously think about.

First, a positive attitude, not blindly l line. Some second-tier brand name for a good head, eager to "first-line" approach focus renovated home network, but not overnight. Which brands not been tempered, experienced untold hardships to build out. In financial strength, production scale, channel planning, market impact and other aspects do not have the conditions, if the blind comparisons, greedy big strong, it is possible to suffer heavy casualties. Moment, second-tier brands have a positive attitude, a good grasp of second-tier market characteristics, and thus reinforce the strength, step by step, in order to achieve the desired results.

Second, relentless pursuit of innovation. Innovation is the brand's vitality, it is a necessary condition for the brand to win the market. In the process, technology, services, and other conditions being equal, the innovation is the second-tier brands to win market magic. Shenyang will have a solid wood furniture brands through continuous innovation, in the secondary markets open up huge opportunities, from Shenyang to the country.

Third, relying on services to win credibility. Customer is God, serve no bottom line. Furniture for second-tier brands, the market share is important, good service is more important. The problem now is that many brands compete for market, doing a lot on the new, up-grade, grab market "hard living", but often overlooked upgrade "soft power", so that competition in the market appeared to be inadequate, it is worthy of attention and needs to be improved.

If you do the above points, I believe that the second-tier brands of furniture will surely get a broader market space.