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Guangdong furniture what is to lead the domestic market trends?

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Guangdong Province is China's furniture industry's most important production, circulation and export base. Guangdong furniture industry with its complete industrial supporting capacity and strong logistics efficiency, forming an unparalleled industrial advantages, has been firmly occupy the leading position in the domestic furniture industry, has won the "Chinese furniture of Guangdong", "World Furniture Guangdong-made" in the world.

Gangster unquestionable leading position

Furniture industry is the traditional competitive industries in Guangdong Province, is the provincial government to demand a "brand driven and high technology to transform" the focus of traditional industries, also in Guangdong in the implementation of the "double shift" and "expanding domestic demand" strategy play an important role livelihood industries. The face of the Guangdong Provincial Economic structural adjustment and industrial restructuring and upgrading of historic opportunity, Guangdong furniture industry in terms of scale of the industry, the industry is still effective in solving the employment, social contributions, are facing new opportunities for development.

At present, Guangdong furniture production mainly in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and other product categories involving wood, plate, office, classic mahogany furniture. At present, Guangdong has become China's furniture industry is most developed regions, the Asia-Pacific region's largest export base of total output and sales were up for 1/3, while total exports accounted for about 50% of the entire industry, about 8,000 enterprises, more than 130 million practitioners.

Four blocks to build furniture industry cluster

In recent years, the Pearl River Delta region in Guangdong Province, Central furniture industry transfer hot spots, mainly in order to reduce manufacturing costs and expand space for development. Experts said the Guangzhou-Foshan, Dongguan-Shenzhen, the Pearl River Delta in the river and the ring several major industrial cluster formation has two advantages: First, the construction of industrial parks in favor of the formation of industrial clusters, to respond quickly to market changes, reduce production costs; Second, the formation of professional division of labor, some regions and enterprises to develop industry segments.

Guang plate: big brands have obvious advantages

Guangzhou-Foshan Shunde Longjiang plate to, music from the main base, its big brands have obvious advantages, belonging to both furniture materials, manufacturing and distribution of industrial powerhouse, reflecting the industry's ecological and Guangdong furniture industry at different stages of growth.

Shunde furniture market formation woodworking machinery, metal parts, paint chemicals, furniture trade and so improve the industrial chain, and have a certain size and strength. Shunde is located in Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hainan, Vietnam's central location, proximity to vast timber resources, adequate raw materials and convenient transportation.

Longjiang is the country's largest furniture raw materials base, known as Chinese furniture materials are in the title, but also the Chinese furniture manufacturing center. According to incomplete statistics, more than 8,000 gathered in Shunde furniture, raw materials, parts manufacturing, furniture manufacturing companies, mostly in Longjiang. Longjiang furniture raw materials for the furniture industry and the country the whole of Guangdong furniture industry has played a crucial role.

PRD population density, spending power, the use of the furniture is also large, unlike in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hong Kong and Taiwan funded mainly processing industries, Shunde main product is not dependent on the international market, the domestic market share stable .

Wando deep plate: Innovative industrial base

Dongguan-Shenzhen section of export enterprises and the national market ahead sized, most furniture companies have been expanding gradually brand headquarters, R & D headquarters stage of development, in order to Longgang, Shenzhen and Dongguan Houjie Da Ling Shan as the main gathering base.

Houjie furniture is characteristic industry, currently has nearly 400 furniture companies, furniture professional market over 10, number of employees more than 10 million people. The total length of 5 km Furniture Avenue Pearl River Delta region of furniture and machinery, materials, fittings of large distribution base, and more mature as a promotional platform Famous Furniture. Houjie currently working on from the policy service, technical support, and other aspects of trade exhibitions, guided the furniture industry from traditional industries to creative industries change.

While the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair is nationally and internationally known "innovative design" as the theme-oriented professional exhibition, successive visits totaling more than 1.5 million customers, Shenzhen Exhibition has become the leading Chinese furniture design trends publishing platform, as small and medium enterprises platform for growth and emerging business incubator.

In the River Plate: professional specialization

As Guangdong furniture differential positioning, Zhongshan Tai Chung mahogany furniture production base has formed its own style, and occupied China Dongsheng office furniture office furniture professional town prominent position.

Zhongshan City, the famous mahogany furniture industry, the city's production and sales of mahogany furniture occupies a pivotal position in the country. Zhongshan mahogany furniture production and sales mainly in two regional characteristics of the mahogany furniture town - Tai Chung Town and Shaxi, two towns mahogany furniture production accounted for 97.2%, Zhongshan City. Tai Chung Town is the country's largest production base of mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture factory town a total of more than 200, the production of mahogany furniture nationally known, popular in Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions; Shaxi then use to create professional clothing market Experience since the construction of mahogany furniture Expo Center and commercial center, has quietly become the largest mahogany furniture professional market.

Ring Pearl River Delta: to expand space for development

Guangdong's economic center of gravity as the core area of ​​the Pearl River Delta as the main integration into the development of a new stage of transformation and upgrading, the ring PRD region is hold together through closer cooperation, the rise of new industrial development in Guangdong new heights.

Ring with the rapid rise of the Pearl River Delta industrial transfer trend towards the formation of the Pearl River Delta and the surrounding areas a win-win actuated healthy development trend. After the transfer of industries to achieve some of the Pearl River Delta, freeing up space for development to increase the development of technology and capital-intensive industries efforts being elevated to a high of accelerating moderately heavy new features into a world-class manufacturing base, and the surrounding areas due to to absorb a large amount of foreign investment, first leapt to a new stage of rapid development.

Adjustment and upgrade: to build the country's largest industrial

With the "Twelve Five" countries urged the transformation of the mode of economic growth, Shenzhen Furniture Trade Association Executive President EARTH expected, the furniture industry has also ushered in a transformation of the best time in the next five years, growth is expected to exceed the market value of the automobile industry, and has become largest industry.

March 2013, the fifth session of the Guangzhou Home Design Show Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou, Guangdong Furniture Association, Wang Ke, held during the exhibition industry in Guangdong furniture design annual meeting revealed that the proportion of original design furniture industry in Guangdong since 2010 from growth of 10% for three consecutive years, has now reached 30%, leading the country, close to the European and American standards.

"This proportion even close to the level of American and European countries, meaning Guangdong furniture industry has entered a rapid development stage of new product development." Ke said. But he also pointed out that "Europe and the United States original design furniture market products accounted for 1/3, the brand cycle more than five years; Guangdong furniture industry in the original design, although the proportion is close to Europe, but the brand cycle an average of three years. This gap is very obvious! "

"The market is Forced industries to enhance their innovative design capabilities", Wang Ke, said in an interview, Guangdong furniture market in recent years there homogenization of competition, price wars, plagiarism and other chaos so that the industry began to face their own original brand weak , low value-added products, and poor self-development capacity development bottleneck. "Only to develop innovative design, to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading, in order to create a new situation in Guangdong furniture manufacturing industry, continue to maintain the leading position in the country."