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Chinese domestic industry sorely lacking "Danish Trust"

Time:2013-08-14 14:51:20Source:SiteViews:2275

Visit to Denmark, there are many unique experience, the deepest impression is that trust between businesses and customers reached a considerable degree of understanding.

As a short-stay traveler, buy a 24-hour transportation card, they can pass unimpeded, subway, bus, train ride casually, you can also exchange all cardholders museums, art galleries tickets. Transportation card usage period of up to two years, but the period of time from the first use date, 24 hours after the void. However, Denmark did not set up a special credit card timer, did no one checked, when enabled cards, at his own consciously fill. Department of Transportation issued the card, giving users unlimited trust.

In Denmark, the human cost is too high, many stores have only a salesperson, not only in the customer needs to do product introduction, also responsible for the cash register. Customers choose product of the whole process, the salesperson seems indifferent. When you go to the checkout, it will not look the other way about carrying a bag in your hand, do not doubt there will be any store where non-payment products. With a credit card, all the customers to own brush. All of these aspects, the salesperson to the customer is always infinitely trust.

In the streets of Copenhagen, Nordic style will emerge from time to time, Fuller Court and other local household brand stores, the former selling furniture, which sell paint. Into which, no matter how you look, how to touch, and even sit down, lay up, do not anyone stop you. Whether customers into the store to buy or not buy, will be respected, the salesperson always smiling. Fuller Court may also ask you to go live graffiti, to experience the magic of paint to draw a variety of patterns. Merchant to the customer's trust is unlimited.

Beware of business-to-customer does not have any trust in the infinite, as beautiful as the Danish fairy tale, it may be referred to as "Danish trust" it! China's domestic industry, whether it is business or customers, most lack is that trust. Such as transportation card starting time set by the customers themselves, which in China probably will be a ticket line all over the world, fare evasion has become commonplace. In the household sector of operation, how many businesses are in delivery, breach of warranty and other aspects, to comply with the agreed time is not good, what about consciously determine the time? Shopping in China's market, businesses are always to be like the same anti Fangzei with customers, for fear that others are thieves. Customers also do have to blame those who, given the chance, do not steal white do not steal. So the two sides only by the contract, the merchant's standard terms are often evasive, customer once can not put every product, every detail in mind in the contract, it may not be in future disputes rights. In services, many of China's domestic brands under the Caidie salesperson is, if they think you're not a shopper, you acrimony, cold face greeted, how can any warmth at all!

"Danish trust," is built on the businesses and customers are the basis of good faith, and need to have the relevant control mechanism, such as is found in Denmark if the fare evasion, immediately at the credit blacklist, this thing may big! Chinese domestic industry first, the business is not faith, declared that "lead-free" but may lead exceeded several times, declaring that "no formaldehyde" are still filled with formaldehyde, declaring that "free" was set up various traps. Second, consumers are not honest, like petty, easy to believe that "pie in the sky" and no "recognize bet on a fighter," the spirit, fooled by unscrupulous businessmen and then feel that they lose fooled everywhere, "discussing." The third is the phenomenon of bad faith for the lack of effective punishment, the offender cost is too low, there is so many people cynical, swindling do not care.