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Home industry a new round of industry are staking simmering

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In the first half, above-scale furniture manufacturing industry realized main business income of more than 2900 billion yuan, an increase of 12.7%, industry total profit of more than 150 billion yuan, up 15.9 percent, of which the main activities of profit of about 18.5 billion yuan, an increase of 5.8%.

The Ministry of Commerce officials believe that home building materials industry is facing a grim, continue to strengthen market regulation, "rigid demand" family still waiting to buy a house, home building materials relative decline in real purchasing power, the demand can not sustain sales growth. At the same time, it is just upstream property release for the domestic industry to be brought vitality, Redstar (microblogging) chairman build a new car in the March release of enterprise development strategies, predicted this year's entire domestic industry usher 10 % growth, to be built in the country in 2020, 200 home shopping.

Many people in the industry since the end of last year vision, developers set off a wave of "get to tide", based on the trend of home industry lags behind in the property market about 10 months, this year's "golden nine silver ten" will play and lead in the second half of the market, more importantly, urbanization can last a long time - a new round of "staking" is simmering?

Continue to invest in emerging markets, the regional distribution brand advantage

If the danger to others, it is their own the machine, starting in 2010, Redstar and other home stores, took over the commercial real estate flags, holding high hit an unprecedented industry-wide geographic expansion, Guangdong Department of Lights home in the country layout of the nine major global household CBD, JSWB then enter Shanghai, but after the financial crisis, more tragic destruction, a time "surplus" has become "serious surplus." Zhu Changling, China Furniture Association said that China's existing professional furniture market over 3500, sales area of ​​over 7,000 square meters, the "excess is an indisputable reality" to the actual purchasing power to count, 20 million square meters of store space will be able to meet the market demand, and the actual area has more than 40 million square meters, if the market is still sluggish, 50% of the store area are surplus.

Wang Wei, general manager OUYAD home, "said the domestic industry has entered a period of expansion, OUYAD way to Direct entered in Guangzhou, but also to make the industry benchmark," but this has nothing to do with the adverse economic expansion, but on OUYAD national strategic layout, Shenyang, north, west, Chongqing, Hangzhou, east, and south China as the center of gravity of the domestic industry, "Southern Extension" is sooner or later. He also believes that the first step cultivate the market, the second step homework effort, over the past few years of the "turbulent period" will usher in a new market prospects.

2003, Bo Huang International Expo Center home every year to open twelve new stores in the Pearl River Delta, in 2011 so far is in Zhuhai, Zhanjiang and Huadu opened three new stores, and shops are preparing Zengcheng opened in October matters. In July, Mangrove Bay home took over Guangdong Wang Zhongshan Road East, opened a new store, thus completing a full layout in Guangzhou, its Chief Operating Officer Huang deep said the next step optimistic Zhuhai, Qingyuan and Zengcheng areas. The Xiangjiang Business Group Planning Director of Marketing Lu also said its wind, Lights home action than for home CBD, continue to focus on emerging markets.

Invest in emerging markets

According to the report, by 2030, China's urbanization rate reached 65%, all kinds of new urban population of over 300 million for the expansion of consumption and investment demand to provide a strong momentum, and developers frequently set off to take place in the second and third tier cities climax that brings first-tier cities momentum began to weaken, and the construction of new towns release more opportunities. Meikailong promotional activities in the first half, total sales of one week to reach 60 billion yuan, nearly 30 billion yuan in the first half the year is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan, but the layout of the second and third tier cities as Meikailong expand the focus of future . Bo Huang Ju Bo said store manager Europe, beginning in the second and third tier cities earlier distribution is felt intense competition in first-tier cities market saturation, exploring new markets faster step, the success rate is high line.

Guangzhou's social and economic development is uneven, the urbanization process, spawned a large number of resident population, north to Baiyun there Huadu and Conghua, Zengcheng east to Whampoa there, while the southern Spratly Islands has a lot of positive future , in particular, can radiate to the emerging markets outside of Guangzhou. "Baiyun district has no large home stores, OUYAD Huangshi undoubtedly fill this gap," said Wang Wei, deep north of Guangzhou high-end consumer market, retaining the northern high-end customers, the development of very considerable Baiyun New Town Planning additional 300,000 people in the next three to five years can be noticed.

Mangrove Bay, eager to seize the eastern market in Guangzhou, with exactly the same strategy OUYAD north, it is understood, Whampoa area bordering with the Milky Way will launch a large-scale urban renewal, had been identified in the eastern part of Guangzhou to build an international financial district and Luogang Xintang also benefited, while Guangzhou has two open providers prepare for the big moves, you can only create a cell check forty or fifty thousand people, but Huang deep that home store presents an oversupply situation, deep regional market is the most important considerations shop .

Build brands

Wang seems that home is no longer a massive expansion of the store, through ups and downs of home industry tend to reason, during the next three years at the Ebb Tide, OUYAD can rely on the nation's leading chain store management experience accumulated after-sales service and marketing system and the introduction of high-quality products, and through innovative formats to meet the challenges in the next 10 years in the country there are seven OUYAD start of the project, will be home, department stores, shopping malls, entertainment into one.

Mangrove Bay then shop shopping environment with perfect synchronization with sound management style, to open a shop to do a successful shop, after 10 years still maintain 70-80% of the initial tenant occupancy rate reached 98%. And Bo Huang home to Fangchun shop upgrade as an opportunity to enhance the brand settled in business degree, further enhancing the potential customer and consumer confidence.